The food you prepared was amazing thank you. I’m going to place another order this evening. Have a great day

We appreciate the service you are providing and will continue to enjoy the meals you prepare. They are convenient, delicious and healthy. Win, win, win. Thank you

I just want to let you know that your food and service are outstanding. This is my 3rd time ordering it and I’m really happy with it

Your food is the best I've had, btw.

Dearest Chef RaShon:
Thank you for helping me to change my life one meal at a time. I never feel hungry and the food is so delicious. I have not had this much progress in the past 12 years. Counting calories works for me along with exercise.
Although Love is not advertised as part of your product I can definitely see it and feel it. I give glory to God for the goodness and change that you facilitate in the lives of the community. May He continue to bless you and yours in all of your endeavors.