I Usually do not usually provide extension feedback; I am just so pleased with my experience! I ordered Monday night and was able to receive my order of 10 meals promptly early Wednesday morning. I've tried food services before and what sets Fresh Fitness Kitchen apart from the other companies are the following:

  1. Affordable prices for quality ingredients. I don't think I can comfortably say about any other food delivery services I've tried
  2. Their meals come pre-cooked and pre-portioned. Which saves us a LOT of time (not to mention it eliminates the hassle of trying to figure out what to eat/cook everyday).
  3.  Flexibility. I really appreciate the fact that I can order as many of few meals as I want. This really caters to people with erratic schedules and varying budgets. Also, being able to choose my meals and having a space to write custom requests is huge! Not many food delivery services offer that flexibility!
  4.  Free delivery. If I remember correctly only 3 meals need to be purchased for free delivery. That's such a good deals!

Also customer service felt personal when I reached out to them to ask what time my order would be coming. I am thoroughly impressed with their services so far. They are providing such delicious, healthy, and affordable meals! My husband and I look forward to ordering more meals from them again.

After reviewing numerous menus from other site, I choose Fresh Kitchen because of its low carb options. I am on a 1200 cal diet and when I carb cycle, I am able to use 3 meals plus a brownie a day to keep my meals at 1200 cal, less than 50 carbs and 25-35g of protein per meal. They are literally perfect. They last for 5 days as Fresh promises and they are really, really good! I would recommend Fresh to anyone because of the good food, delivery service and the cost.

Such a good find! We've been doing meal prep from another company for months and we missed the weekly deadline so we decided to try something new. I'm so thankful we did!! We are so happy with Fresh Fitness Kitchen and will not be going back to the other company. First off, the food is DELICIOUS! The portion and price are good. And the customer service is AMAZING! We have not been disappointed with any meal that we have ordered. The freshness, quality and taste is so good. I highly recommend Fresh Fitness Kitchen. The delivery service and the presentation is an added bonus. Definitely worth the price!

A few weeks ago I was searching for local healthy prepared meals while I was recovering from a surgery. I was so pleased with every meal, that I'm placing my second order soon. Everything from the breakfast to lunch/dinner meals were great. Each meal had such great flavor while proportioned just right. I even had my friend place an order and pick up from my house, because she lives in Orange County.

We have been using Fresh Fitness Kitchen for a few weeks now and we absolutely love it. We lead pretty busy lives, with work and kids after school activities, we both kept struggling with our weight goals. Since ordering their meals we have stayed on track and on top of it, the meals are amazing! They are full of flavor and portions are on point. We mostly order dinners and a few breakfasts, after a while we have definitely seen a change in how we eat our lunches or order a meal at a restaurant. Every week we are excited for a new order to arrive. We are never bored with the selection because they are always adding new meal options. We would highly recommend this meal service, whether your trying to make healthy lifestyle changes or simply want to save time on those busy weeknights, this company won't disappoint.

I do love how you stand by your product and are very quick to make corrections when things go wrong. You did not have to credit the whole order back but you have definitely solidified one of the reasons we trust Fresh Fitness Kitchen. Thank you and have a great day.

I had my first 10 items last week and everything was delicious!

Thank you so very much! I appreciate your meal prep service. It’s made my life a whole lot simpler and I wanted to share my experience with my friends. Thank you again and God bless!

Good evening! As usual the food is delicious and thank you so much for early delivery this morning.

First off, my meals look delicious and so far I tried the Asian Brasied Beef and it was awesome. I'm glad you guys have the macros online.