I love this food. I was very skeptical at first, since we have tried other pre-package foods and they didn't work out so well. However, after we tried Fresh Fitness kitchen, my husband and I fell in love with the food. The meals/snacks are delicious and it make it so easy if you are counting calories. The delivery is great, it just shows up on your doorstep.
I don't think I will ever cook again!!

I just started with fitness kitchen and it is amazing! I have a very busy schedule so this works out perfect. The food is delicious and fresh! I love the delivery service, I came home from work yesterday and food was cold in an ice cooler waiting for me...

Best meal prep delivery I've ever had! I've tried plenty of other places, but Fresh Fitness Kitchen is hands down #1! The food is so delicious! And delivery is always on time!!!
Love, love, love!

My wife and I started using Fresh Fitness Kitchen recently due to our fitness goals and our busy work schedule, and let me tell you the food is AMAZING! Sometimes I don't even feel like I'm eating healthy. They ever have healthy snacks that satisfy your cravings. Another thing that I love is that you can order as much or little food as you like. And if your Wondering About the Price, very low cost. My wife and I wish we could give them 10 stars. Check them out you won't be disappointed.

This has been so helpful, convenient and delicious. Chef Rashon provides the right amount of protein, good carbs and veggies. Every dish I've had has been tasty and healthy. My favorite is the tri-tip chimichurri and the Cuban style pork. The best fitness results I've had was with a combination of 4 days of working out at CFBBC (35 min) and Chef Rashon's healthy and delicious meals. My results that week were amazing. I commute to the OC for work and having my meals delivered and ready to go has made my week that much easier. Try it once and you'll see for yourself. Finally, healthy tastes good!

Fresh is amazing! I work in the heath & fitness industry, and I always recommend all my client's to use their affordable healthy, meal plan service! All my clients including myself have had tremendous results thanks to Fresh Fitness Kitchen. I've personally lost over 35lbs using their great meals. All their meals are portioned perfectly, cooked with the cleanest ingredients, and taste amazing! Their meals taste so good, you'll forget how healthy they really are! From the breakfast to the dinners, even down to the desserts, are made tastefully healthy. Fresh Fitness Kitchen has the formula down for what most of us have the hardest time with when it comes to eating healthy & losing weight. Accessibility is key and Fresh makes that simple. I can't say enough about how awesome Fresh Fitness Kitchen is. They make my job easier keeping my client's nutritionally accountable, now that they have no excuse with the meal service they provide. I highly recommend Fresh Fitness Kitchen. You won't be disappointed!

OMG!! YUMMMMYYYY!!! I've tried other home delivery meals, and this one beats them all...HANDS DOWN! Chef Rashon takes her craft very seriously, and it shows in every meal she prepares. I love the fact that she weighs out every meal, and none of them are over 350 calories. Some of my favorites are the Protein Pancakes, Cajun Salmon, and their Pita Wraps...mmmm. The food is fresh and organic, so if you want your food on Monday, you need to order it on Friday. The prices are very reasonable, at about $9 a meal, and $6 for breakfast. They're also really filling. Sometimes I have to split them up. When you buy more than 10 meals, you get a 10% discount; which is awesome, considering the amount of food you get. Chef Rashon has been at this for over 15 years. She's won awards, cooked for top celebrities...and the President. I don't know what took her so long to do this, but I'm so glad she's decided to throw her hat in the game. **Absolutely Delicious**

I NEVER leave feedback - but I am so impressed by the service and quality of food. I originally began ordering due to having surgery. I wanted to be able to have optimal nutrition and have the convenience of pre packaged meals. The home delivery service is great (if you live in the service area) the quality is high and the food DELICIOUS! Macros are listing on every container so you can keep track of intake. There are even vegan and gluten free selections. I've continued to order even after recovery because the service is so fabulous.
Be sure to get the brownies!!

I normally meal prep on my own but we were in the  middle of moving and needed something convenient and good. I was shocked by how great the cost was and the quaity of the food. My husband is pretty picky and he loves everything I got. The food was always on time when I picked up and super fresh. I would definite recommend this to anyone who is overwhelmed by meal prepping or has a busy lifestyle.

I was pretty impressed by their food. I've ordered about 4+ times so far and the food has been good. It's very fresh and they always make the changes I need them to make, like no squash or extra broccoli. I drive out to pick them up to get the discount because they apparently don't deliver to my part of Rancho Cucamonga, which makes no sense, but the discount makes it worth it and more affordable. I wish they had more options at a time to choose from, but besides that, I liked them. It's not always easy to get a hold of someone by phone or email, but I've had luck writing my message directly into my online order. Would order from them again in the future!