How it Works

How Fresh Fitness Kitchen Works

Order Online

Just choose your selections from the menu on the order page, noting any allergies, likes or dislikes in the comments section. Each meal consist of 2-5 ounces of protein, 3-4 ounces of a complex carbohydrate, and 4 ounces or more seasonal vegetables. 

** Customized portioned meals are also available.

We Prepare Fresh Meals

We receive your order and our chefs prepare your selections to meet your dietary needs. We will send you a confirmation text or email letting you know your order is being processed and your delivery date.

To maintain quality we will only produce a select number of meals per week. Please order as early as possible. Orders received before Friday 11:59pm are delivered Sunday. 

We Deliver

We Deliver to your home, office or gym chilled, for maximum freshness, ready to heat in the microwave or oven on your schedule. Just provide your delivery address, including any security codes, special instructions, outdoor pet info, and a safe secure (if applicable shaded) area to leave your order. Our deliveries are done on Sundays. Your order is packaged in insulated tote-bags and ice packs designed to keep your meals chilled for at least 8 hours.

NO Subscriptions, Memberships or Contracts binding you to a long term Multi-Meal deal.
Order as much as you want, as often as you want.