Do you deliver to my area?

We are currently delivering to the Buckeye area. Just insert your delivery address on the order page and a pop up will tell you if we deliver to your area.

What time will you deliver my order?

We deliver from around 6am to well into the afternoon depending on the number of orders. If you would like your meals delivered at a specific "time frame" just indicate it on the order forms comments section and we will get it to you at that time.

How often does your menu change?

Our menu is on a seasonal rotation with new selections introduced weekly.

Will my Sunday order be safe to eat on Friday?

All of our proteins are purchased fresh, our meals are cooked, chilled and immediately packaged on ice before delivery. There is no lag time at our commercial kitchen, orders usually arrive at your door within an hour of preparation. As a result meals received on Sunday and appropriately stored and refrigerated are safe to eat on Friday. We guarantee it! If you don't get to your meals by then, you can freeze them to ensure prolonged freshness. Obviously you will need to heat your meals longer than described on the labels.

How do I keep my meals from spoiling?

Ensure your meals do not suffer from varying temperatures (like taking them in and out of the refrigerator), fluctuating temperatures WILL cause premature spoilage. If a meal quality is not to your liking, just let us know and we'll be happy to refund the cost. 

How long do I heat my meals?

Heating Instructions

MICROWAVE: Transfer to a microwave oven safe dish remove any small condiments containers. Heat 2-3 minutes* or until meal reaches an internal temperature of 170 degrees

CONVENTIONAL OVEN: Place aluminum foil pan directly into oven, heat for 15-18 minutes at 350 degrees*, or until meal reaches an internal temperature of 170 degrees.

STOVE TOP: Transfer to pot and heat to an internal temperature of 170 degrees.

*It is recommended you heat your entrées to an internal temperature of 170*. Do not overheat.

I noticed you don't have to sign up, why don't you use programs?

Unlike most Meal Delivery companies we don't require any contracts, subscriptions or memberships that automatically take weekly or monthly deductions from your account. Larger companies do this because the food usually isn't very good and they anticipate you'll want to quit the program. By signing a contract they can deduct hundreds of dollars with no incentive to improve on the quality or taste of their product. They know If you've already purchased it, you have to eat it. We call it "Financial force-feeding" you bought it, you eat it!
Unfortunately most smaller mom and pop Meal Delivery companies have also adopted this same business model. Contracts and subscriptions benefit the companies not the customers. With Fresh, you buy what you want, when you want for as long as you want. If you don't enjoy our food, we don't deserve your business.

What do you guys do to your vegetables?

What's the point of buying crates of beautiful organic vegetables, throwing them into a commercial steamer and literally steaming the life out of them. Our vegetables maintain their crispness and beautiful color by using a technique called blanching, blanching is the process of briefly boiling whole foods like fruits and vegetables only long enough to kill the enzymes that would otherwise cause unwanted changes to the food during preservation and refrigeration. These changes include loss of color, flavor, texture and nutrient density.
For Meal Prep Blanching is the next best thing to eating fresh raw vegetables, it kills harmful enzymes while retaining 78 to 91% of the vegetables minerals and nutrients. Steaming is a cooking method, like roasting, grilling, sautéing etc. Blanching is a process when a food product is partially cooked and then the cooking process is quickly arrested. The vegetables exterior remains intact holding in all of its natural flavor and nutrients.
Why don't most companies blanch their vegetables? Because it's easier not to. Some companies just use Frozen vegetables and eliminate the effort altogether, the problem is by day four of sitting in your fridge that steamed broccoli becomes soggy and limp with less than half of its nutritional value.

Some of the food on your website are on plates and bowls, but when I ordered, it came in plastic containers. Why do you do that?

The photos on our website are shot that way to give you an idea of the best way to serve or "plate" your meals. We also shoot closeups so you're able to see the ingredients. We don't offer, nor would it be practical to deliver your meals in actual dinnerware. The photos on our website are meant merely as "serving suggestions". While we realize our customers lead busy lives and may often eat on the fly. A lot of care was given to preparing your food and we just think it's a good idea to plate your food on occasion and take some time to enjoy the meal as our chef intended.